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Sometimes the simplest thing, like bridling becomes a hassle when our horse doesn't cooperate. Or maybe there is a way to just make things easier. Wouldn't it be nice if our horse just put her head where we wanted it, when we wanted it there. Well, we can have this with our horse. This is one of those things that will make life easier with just a very small investment of our time.

Halter your horse or work with her in a confined space like a stall or small paddock. Start by standing at the horse's left shoulder. Now place your right hand on the horse's poll just behind the ears and press downward ever so slightly. Just a very little pressure, it does not take a lot and if you press too hard your horse is likely to resist rather than give you what you want. Now, with very light pressure on the poll, just leave your hand there until the horse makes any kind of effort to move his head downward. Then remove your hand immediately. This is very important because the reward your horse gets for moving his head in the direction that you want it to go, is the removal of your hand. If she moves her head in any other direction other than down, leave your hand there until the movement is down. It might take a few seconds for the downward effort or it might take half an hour, but it is important that once you place your hand, that you leave it until you get the downward movement. 

Repeat this numerous times until it is automatic for the horse and he moves her head immediately as you place your hand on the poll. Keep repeating until your horse puts her head at the precise level that you would like it to be. The first time is always the toughest. With repetition, your horse will move her head instantly to exactly where you want it to be. 

Let's recap. Stand at the left shoulder. Place your hand on poll, just behind ears with VERY light pressure (don't rush). Keep hand in place until horse makes any movement downward however slight it might be. Repeat until you get the results you want.

This is a lesson that you can teach your horse in an hour or two. Some horses get it in as little as fifteen minutes. Be patient, don't fight with your horse. The investment in a little time now will last a lifetime with your horse.