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OK, you've attended a training clinic, read all the right books from the best trainers and have worked the training techniques with your horse and you still haven't got the "perfect horse". It all seems so simple. What's the problem???  The problem is likely time. Or more precisely the lack of productive time actually training your horse.When you consider the time you spend grooming, feeding, tacking up/down and just easy trail riding, how much time do you really spend training your horse? Our guess is probably not as much as you think.

Try this. For two weeks, keep a log of your time with your horse. Break it down into feeding, grooming, tacking up, pleasure riding and finally training your horse. In the training section, only include time spent actually teaching your horse or practicing specific lessons or exercises. We think you will be surprised at how little time you actually spend on training.
Consider that a good amateur athlete spends between six and twenty hours per week on training and practice exercises. Usually working four to six days per week. How does your time compare??

If you want your horse to be perfect, you must make a commitment of the time necessary for success. We can promise that if you just work the short end of this (6 hours over 4 days per week) on your training goals, you will see dramatic results. Remember, it takes many, many repetitions for something to become second nature to your horse. The more time and repetitions, the more "perfect" your horse will become.

Realistically, we understand that people are busy, with many obligations and it is hard to find the time for regular training session. It is OK if you just want to enjoy some time with your horse on pleasure rides. Have fun with him. Just acknowledge to yourself that your horse cannot live up to unrealistic expectations. Having the "perfect horse" takes effort and commitment and "TIME".